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My Life My Way

At times, I wonder why the Creature called human being is made so lazy by the Creator. We would love to just lie down or have a party or plan an exciting travel or always look good stay fit etc. But lazy when it comes to resource building to cause all the above. I wish I don’t work much but money flows in. I wish I don’t exercise but I stay fit.

Why do we have these conversations even though we know it’s not possible to get the results without breaking our constraints of laziness? I think, this is where the suffering begins..it’s a vicious circle which most of us are unable to break. For eg..I badly want to stay fit but the moment alarm rings in the morning, the conversations that go in my head are am so sleepy..I’ll start from tomorrow..the day is so hectic lemme rest for some more time.  After I get up and I look myself in the mirror..I say..why didnt i get up for an exercise..here is where the blame starts..now inspite of the fact that I want perfect fitness I am unable to overcome my constraints and break the conversations of my little voice, it is that chik-chik constantly going on in our head which is very evaluative, and now am blaming myself and further deteriorating my health. So, can we see that inability to create our lives the way we want, forget doing good, it gets us one step below.

We can find innumerous such examples in our daily lives, but the point we all need to realise is that to create something we need to break free all the shackles we entangled ourselves in.

One way could be placing an external structure that helps us break it For eg. Putting posters of your ideal fitness near our bed to see it first or some motivational quotes or ask your friend to be after your life till you get up. Another way could be placing an internal structure like linking it with bigger goals eg. If am fit I will be able to get an increment.

So, lets lead the life we want to by shedding away all our concerns and cleanse the cobweb of retraints, coz these too are created by us. I believe, even though we r made lazy, we have umpteen power to rise much above it. Once we decide, there’s nothing that can hold me back. Am not just saying it for the heck of it but I invite you to look around and spot live examples of all such human beings existing.

From here on MY life  begins…


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