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It’s time to be Happy..!!

Have you ever thought how long has it been since you had a hearty fulfilled laugh or been truly happy from the core…? Am sure most of us would not be able to recall the moment. Its because we are so occupied in thinking about our future dreams and our past resentments that we forget to relish our present. This is when we tend to lose the present moment and surprisingly our entire life. And we forget being happy.

Happiness: what exactly does it comprise of, what all possessions make one happy, can one declare oneself happy after reaching a particular stage in life, can one lose it and can it be regained…is it an inner feeling or an external expression…? Pondering over these questions could help arrive at what exactly happiness is.

I have met lots of people, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, working and jobless, famous and unknowns, beautiful and not so beautiful, achievers and non achievers but the strange fact I have noticed is there is no correlation between possessing worldly pleasures and happiness.

Once we (my husband and me) visited one of our relatives and I was surprised to see their very simple way of living and eating but they were very happy. They don’t have enough money to buy a house of their own but still they were content. They cannot instantly buy what they want to but still they are not complaining.

My maid is struggling in her life as her husband is not earning much and she has the responsibility of her three kids and their education. But I always find her smiling, so much so that her presence lightens the atmosphere and eventually makes me feel happy too.

Such people have access to a different world which keeps them free of unnecessary thoughts and tensions. I don’t mean that accomplished people cannot be happy; I just intend to say that it’s a matter of thoughts not possessions. It’s when you experience the present moment or now that you experience true happiness.

Now, how do we know that one is happy…most of you would agree when I say that a person is happy when he brings smiles to people around him. His mind is free from clutter and the unnecessary race of life. I myself feel happy at the moment when my mind is at peace, am content, satisfied, positive about life and attach less significance about myself and not because I have a house of my own or a bank balance of crores. So, isn’t it stupendous that we can achieve the state of happiness whenever we want to irrespective of other things in our life?

Summarizing by a liner, “Happiness is a way of being.”

So, start living in NOW and drop all your ego…only that’s the access to happiness.

By Happy…n Rock..!!


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